I have a lot of fun drawing things. 

I mainly work with illustration

for editorial publications

dedicated to kids.

published books

El gato que no bajaba del sillón y el porque de su sinrazón

Lata de Sal Spain 2017.

Construction Zoo

written by Jennifer Thorne

Albert Whitman Company US 2018.

Stratený šál

written by Svetlana Kapalková a Ľudmila Mičianová 

Egreš Slovakia 2018.

All Kids are Good Kids

written by Judy Carey Nevin

Simon&Schuster US 2019

All Kinds of Kindness

written by Judy Carey Nevin

Simon&Schuster US 2019

Chodź na słówko

Publicat Poland 2019

Pim Pam Palabras

Coco Books Spain 2019

Cuenta números

MTM Editores Spain 2019

Happy Heart

written by Hannah Eliot

Simon&Schuster US 2019


Happy Rainbow

written by Hannah Eliot, 

Simon&Schuster US 2019

V záhrade

written by Zuzana Mitošinková

Egreš, Slovakia 2019


written by Mía Cassany

Mosquito Books, Spain 2020

Mordiscos y Bocados

written by Mar Bernaga

CombelSpain 2020

selected clients

Simon & Schuster / Albert Whitman

Mudpuppy / Lagom Design / Instagram  Facebook Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin Anorak Magazin / El País Semanal

Wee Doo Magazin / MTM Editores Mosquito Books / Coco Books / Egreš Lagom Design / Santillana

Le chocolat des Français / Kukukid Bravery Magazin / WePresent

Lata de Sal / Yo-yo Books /

Blue Rabbit Books / Combel Editorial

Story Cat Editorial / Maisonette


Campo de Juego vol.1

Párraga Conteporary Art Center,

Murcia 2018 / solo show

Year of the dog

Colours May Vary

Leeds 2018 / group show

Campo de Juego vol.2

Misericordia Cultural Center

Palma de Mallorca 2018 / solo show

Is this a dog

PLOM Gallery

Barcelona 2019 / solo show

All Smiles

Diluvio Universa Gallery,

Barcelona 2019 / solo show

No Planet No Fun 


Barcelona 2019 / group show, curator

No Planet No Fun 


Tokyo 2020 / group show, curator

We went to Japan to make some things


Tokyo 2020 / group show

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