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I am a freelance illustrator and author of children books from Poland.

I have been living and working for 10 years in Madrid, where I studied Illustration and Graphic Design. Currently, based in Barcelona.

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I'm always open to collaborate.

If you have any question, nice project or only want to say ¨hi!¨ write me at:


I´m represented by bookmark literary

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Simon & Schuster, Albert Whitman, Mudpuppy, Lagom Design, Instagram, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Anorak Magazin, El País Newspaper, MTM Editores, Egreš, Lagom Design, Santillana Educación, Publicat, Le chocolat des Français, Kukukid, Bravery Magazin

You can find my work in Plom Gallery, Barcelona 

selected books

"El gato que no bajaba del sillón y el porque de su sinrazón", Lata de Sal, Spain, 2017.

"Construction Zoo", written by Jennifer Thorne, Albert Whitman Company, United States,2018.

"Stratený šál", written by Svetlana Kapalková a Ľudmila Mičianová, Slovakia, 2018.

"All Kids are Good Kids", written by Judy Carey Nevin, Simon&Schuster, United States, 2019

"Chodź na słówko", Poland, 2019

"Cuenta números", MTM Editores, Spain, coming soon (2019)

"Happy Heart", written by Hannah Eliot, Simon&Schuster, United States, coming soon (2019)


"Campo de Juego vol.1" ("Playground vol.1"), Parraga Conteporary Art Center,

Murcia, 2018 / Paula 2018/ solo show

"Is this a dog", PLOM Gallery, Barcelona, 2019 / solo show

"Year of the dog", Colours May Vary, Leeds, 2018 / group show

"Campo de Juego vol.2" ("Playground vol. 2"), Misericordia Cultural Center, Palma de Mallorca, 2018 / Paula 2018/ solo show

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